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Pristine Clean

Imagine more fun and less housework...

Does your house need to be cleaned?

Are you having friends or family over for an event?

Maybe you're moving out and need our move-out services?

Wouldn't you rather have fun on the weekends, instead of cleaning house? Keeping up with even routine household chores can seem like a daunting task at times. That's why a professional, local cleaning service can be a great option!

Pristine Clean is staffed with highly experienced professionals, whom you can rely on to clean beyond the surface, trust with your belongings, and stand behind their work.

Pristine Clean gives you peace of mind, and time for important things in life-- whether it's planning a party, catching up on your reading, or just taking a little more time for people you care about.

No job is too big & no job is too small! Contact Pristine Clean today for a quote or to schedule our services.

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