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Why Choose Us?

Property Management

We agree that when it comes to choosing a rental property management company, you have lots of choices. Ultimately, your choice comes down to the confidence you have in the property management partner you select, to deliver the results that you want from your property.


As you consider your choices, here are five reasons why you should choose Watson Management Services:


1. Client-Focus - At Watson Management Services (WMS),  we understand that income property management is a professional service business, which is solely relationship-based. Our focus every day is serving our Owners as well as Tenants. We recognize that our success will be determined by the degree to which we are viewed as reliable and a professional service that is dedicated 24/7 to our clients. We want to earn your business and we know that we have to continue earning your business each day. We would like to be viewed as an essential part of the success of your rental property investments.

2. Experience - We first began building and managing our own income property in 2010 in Queen Creek, Arizona. From the very beginning we invested aggressively in the tools, processes, and structure needed to deliver a professional and successful rental experience to all of our Tenants. In 2011, we formed Watson Management Services, LLC to put a more-complete structure in place as the company grew. We are now in a position to provide six years of highly-successful rental property management experience. We would love the opportunity to show you how effective we can be.

3. Team - We have worked hard to bring together an experienced, capable, responsive team of outside professionals to accomplish our work. Our attorneys, contractors, screening companies, and others, have been selected because they do an excellent job; and because we can rely on them to deliver on their commitments. The result is a coordinated team of professionals, all working inside their area of strengths and focused on achieving success for our Owners and Tenants.

4. Structure - The secret to success in property management is to recognize that like many businesses, property management requires a well designed, well built, and professionally managed structure of tools and processes all designed and integrated to deliver consistently outstanding service. At WMS, we've taken six years of property management expertise and put it together to ensure that the experience of each of our Owners and Tenants is professional, complete and exceptional.

5. Process - We meet with the owners to set the monthly rental amount and to inspect the property. We will advertise the property, as well as enter it into multiple listing services, publish the property in our weekly availability list which we send to other Realtors, interested prospects, and post it to our website. We arrange for the viewing of the property, and applications are processed and evaluated according to our rental criteria. We provide cleaning and maintenance/repairs to the property if needed to assure the home is in "turn-key" condition. Successful applicant  is notified, the lease is signed, security deposit received. We collect rental monies, bills are paid and the proceeds are forwarded to the owner ( electronic transfer is available in our office). Emergency maintenance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week -- including most holidays. We will also send a monthly statement of income and expenses plus an annual report.


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